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After more than two months of careful planning and preparation by the Homms, the "Homm 10th Anniversary" celebration event was grandly held in the factory area of Liuzhou Homm Machinery Co., Ltd. on January 21, 2017 (the 24th day of the lunar calendar 2016). The whole celebration activities from kitchen preparations, venue layout, welcome reception, dinner dinner, leadership speeches, stage performances and the end of the end, all activities are organized and participated by the Hom themselves, so that the entire celebration activities are carried out in an orderly manner, The whole scene was cheerful and lively.

The successful completion of the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Homecom reflects the outstanding contributions of Homecomers in the design and production of prestressed products, and also reflects the organizational capabilities and wisdom of Homecomers in corporate culture, and reflects The teamwork spirit of the Mu people makes prestressed products that are more in line with the times for the cause of prestressing.

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